4.5 Tonne Tatton Eventor Horsebox

Price: £62,744 (excl VAT)

Key Info

  • Date Registered: unregistered
  • Make: Tatton
  • Model: Eventor
  • Colour: Unpainted
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Prev Owners: 0
  • Mileage: 0 miles
  • Payload: 1400 KG

Brand new, built but not painted so beat the waiting list!!!!

Key Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Brand new unregistered
  • Weekend living area (matt finish)
  • Horse/reverse camera
  • Sleeper cab lined pod
  • Alloy wheels

This particular box is from our Professional range which means that the skin of the box is made entirely from aluminium, unlike the vast majority which will be made from GRP.

This process of manufacture gives an infinitely higher build quality.  All the tack lockers are coach built aluminium giving a lot longer build life and superior paint quality.

This box has a large tack locker to accomodate 2 large saddles and also enjoying the safety of 2 stainless steel ramp supports.

1) Large living area.

2) 3 year manufacturer warranty.

3) Heating system and bed.

4) Portaloo.

5) Gas hob.

6) 12v power management system.

7) 3 year Tatton body warranty.

8) Aluminium build, stainless steel partition.