Tatton Horse Boxes Upcoming Events

Come and visit us at the following upcoming events and we'll be more than happy to offer a full demonstration of our all aluminium custom built horseboxes.

Call us today on 01625 322195 for more information about any of the events below:

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Somerford BD Premier League

Friday, 25th May 2018 - Monday, 28th May 2018

3 days of top class dressage.

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Al Shira'aa HicksteadJumping Derby Meet

Thursday, 21st Jun 2018 - Sunday, 24th Jun 2018

The Hickstead Jumping Derby is one of the most famous showjumping classes in the world, an iconic event, one that makes heroes of its human and equine stars.

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BHS Royal International Horse Show

Tuesday, 24th Jul 2018 - Sunday, 29th Jul 2018

The top show of the summer. Months of qualifiers culminating in this wonderful horsey event.

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Somerford International Horse Trials

Friday, 17th Aug 2018 - Sunday, 19th Aug 2018

Top class eventing

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Wednesday, 3rd Oct 2018 - Sunday, 7th Oct 2018

After months of qualifying shows, competitors come together to show off their beautiful horses.

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